Rudy Ray

This one is simple. A very special and Happy Birthday to the woman who is both the toughest and most caring person I have ever known.  A woman who defines having your back and smothers you with love, so much so that you feel invincible because she’s with you. Anyone who knows her knows this very simple fact: you are a better person when she is in your life. Oh, I almost forgot. I just so happen to be the luckiest guy on the planet, cuz that woman is my mother.

Love you Mom.  Happy Birthday.


Wow. Quite the hiatus. Ok ok, so I’ve been busy and also had quite a bit of writer’s block.  However, there is no excuse today. Today I must write, because today is a day full of inspiration. For those who may be living under a rock, today is Father’s Day. And, as luck would have it (because that would be the only possible explanation), I believe without a shadow of a doubt that I have the greatest father ever.

A man who cares so deeply about his children that he lets and even inspires them to live their own lives. A man who’s greatest wishes for his kids are to be truly happy, healthy in body, mind, and soul, and maybe most importantly, to be good to and for others. A man who will let me fail because he knows it’s good for me in order to learn how to succeed. A man who will not judge me as my path diverts so much from his, yet eerily arrives at such a similar destination (pretty sure that was his plan all along). A man who so successfully made the transition from father to friend that ours has become the gold standard by which I measure all friendships. A man who asks so little yet gives so damned much.

Moreover, he is the man who for years and years hoped I would write because he simply could not stop telling me just how talented he thinks I am. Simply put, he is the reason you are reading me today. His inspiration and support sparked the beginning of this blog, and the gentle nudging of his own followers has kept it alive.

So today I wish the warmest, fondest, and Happiest Father’s Day to you, DHF. You are bar none the best father and friend anyone could ever hope for, and a truly powerful force in all the lives you have touched along the way. Keep on keepin’ on.